Milan, Italy

On April 12, I began my week long Semana Santa trip to Italy. Semana Santa is the Spanish equivalent to a Spring Break or Reading Week; it takes place around Easter time and is considered a holy week. Italy has always been my favourite country in Europe; prior to the Semana Santa, I had visited twice before and was excited to go back.

Luxury brand shopping on a student budget = window shopping

Our first stop in Italy was Milan. Because we flew in and out of Milan, I spent two half days in the city which meant that our time was limited and there was only so much we could accomplish. On the first half, I met with a friend from home who was completing her exchange semester at Bocconi, a university in Milan. Since Milan is the fashion capital of the world, one of my first stops was the famous galleria. The galleria consisted of many luxury brand stores, most of which I was too intimated to walk into. On the left of the photo above is the original Prada store.

First meal in Italy

My friend also showed us one of her favourite pizza places which served a soft and delicious thick crust margarita pizza. Despite only having one slice, the thickness of the crust and generous cheese topping really filled me up.

Lego Duomo!

Milan is also home to a pretty legendary Lego store containing a Lego replica of the Milan’s famous Duomo. The detailing of the Lego Duomo was incredible and very accurate to the real Duomo.

IMG_6492 (2).JPG
Actual Duomo

After a week of travelling through Italy, we came back to Milan for our second half day in the city. Waking up at 6 am, we got to Milan’s Duomo just in time for it to open. Walking out of the subway station and into Duomo’s square was unreal. The church was large and so magnificent. Its gothic styled architecture really helped it stand out from other churches I had visited in Europe.

Duomo interior

The interior of Duomo was also quite magnificent, with lofty ceilings, tall columns, and stained glass windows. The interior and exterior of the church matched one another in style and colour.

IMG_3084 (3).JPG
Dancing on rooftops

Perhaps my favourite part of visiting Duomo was exploring Duomo’s rooftop. Being early in the morning and relatively empty, my friend and I staged a miniature photoshoot.

Milan views

The views from on top of Duomo were also amazing. Looking at Milan, I knew that I had unfinished business in the city and a longer stay in the future was definitely in order.

Yogurt/fruit crepe

After visiting Duomo, I met with another friend from home who had been studying in Milan for the past two years. He showed me to a really famous gelato shop where I accidentally ordered a fruit and yogurt crepe in a cone. Despite not eating gelato that day, I was pretty happy with my mistake. The crepe made for a much-needed healthy snack after my week-long diet of only pasta and pizza.


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